Meet Arblee

The future of sharing geosensitive stories and memories with people you'd like to hang out with

Meeting people with common interests

Using our machine learning algorithms, Arblee helps you determine who you are most likely to click with in your area


You are meeting real people, with the help of augmented reality (AR) technology to drop a momento in physical locations, in either text, drawing, photo, or video form

Make meaningful connections and understand how others see the world

We often lack meaningful connections in our busy day-to-day lives. This can be alleviated by trying to understand other people's points of view

What we do

These are our current features and capabilities.


Arblee allows you to be creative, giving you the freedom of posting any creative content as your geosensitive momentos. Decorate the world how your artistic instinct tells you to.


Your sensitive information is always protected. We respect your privacy.


We allow you customize your content as much as you'd like. We believe that highly personalized user experience is the core to our mission.

Worldwide service

We offer our service to users around the world, allowing you to connect with anyone anywhere in the world.


Content that you post on our platform are geosensitive, meaning that you can leave your footprint virtually using augmented reality.

Built with love

and your happiness in mind, ensuring the ultimate enjoyment of our users -- you.

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